Telugu Film Mail Is One Of The Best Slice Of Life Films

Action films with high-speed action sequences, car crashes, fighting between the Hero and protagonist, violence, and brutality may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Many people like to watch light-hearted films that can truly project the life of an ordinary person. These things are quite different from realistic films because realism mainly deals in a negative tone. Realistic films mostly speak about the harshness of life, but the Slice-of-life films speak about the sweetness of life in reality. You can watch Mail, a comedy film that is considered one of the best slice-of-life films made in the Telugu language. You can watch movies HD online like Mail on the best OTT platform for Telugu films.

The film was also known as KambalapallyKathalu Chapter 1: Mail; however, the film has been mostly known as simply Mail. It was directed and written by UdayGurrala, who had made his debut as a director with this film. Priyanka Dutt produced the film with the help of Swapna Cinema Production Company. The film features stars like Priyadarshi as Hybath, HarshithMalgireddy as Ravi, Mani Aegurla as Subbu, GauriPriya as Roja, and a few others. SweekarAgasthi has given the music for the film, and Kamran gave this movie’s score. The cinematography was done by UdayGurrala as well as ShyamDupati. You can watch movies HD online like this brilliant slice-of-life film by downloading the best OTT platform for Telugu films AHA.

The film’s story revolves around Ravi, an innocent guy and wants to learn more about computers. He always wanted to know more about working with the help of a computer, but he wasn’t getting the opportunity to do so. However, when his friend Hybath opens up a cafe in his village of Kambalapally in Telangana, he requests his friend to teach him how to work with a computer. After a slight hesitation, Hybath agrees to teach him how to operate a computer because he is given liquor almost every day.

Ravi starts learning the basics of the computer, and he also opens up an email account. He is also romantically involved with a girl in his class who also has a liking for him. One day, when he receives a phishing email to deposit a certain amount of money to receive two crore rupees, he takes the bait. That is when the entire sweet overtone of the film changes, and a lot of hotchpotches start taking place. Ravi gets in touch with a moneylender named Shivanna to borrow money to send it to the fraudulent email address. However, the world comes crashing to him when he comes to know that he has been duped.

Despite the shocking revelation of the fraudulent email, the film does not end in a negative overtone. You should watch this film to know how Ravi gets out of his misery. It would help if you watched similar New Telugu movies online on aha.