Transparent Walls Provide a Variety of Design Options

Transparent Walls Provide a Variety of Design Options

Transparent walls provide a variety of design options for modern residential projects. They allow abundant natural light and landscape views to enter the home, and they serve as sound-insulating room dividers for open-plan homes.

Modern science labs often employ transparent 2-hour walls to enhance collaboration, increase flexibility and improve sustainability. This style also offers large vision areas for first responders in the event of a fire.


Residential glass walls add a special element to a home, opening a space up to abundant light and landscape views. They can also be used to separate rooms and soundproof a living area.

NanaWall’s residential operable glass wall systems redefine elegance indoors and out. These large-scale sliding walls allow natural light to flow into a space while maintaining interior comfort through seasonal extremes.

Today’s science labs and medical facilities are increasingly designed with open floor plans and shared equipment. Nevertheless, the need for walls persists for a number of reasons: to enhance collaboration and flexibility, improve sustainability, and provide fire safety.

Glazing that is transparent, frosted, or opaque allows for an increased level of privacy while letting in natural light and eliminating glare. These translucent walls can be paired with glass partitions that have a high level of thermal performance to reduce energy consumption. The frames of these systems are available in a wide range of materials, and many meet HVHZ requirements.


Adding glass walls to retail spaces creates a sense of openness and trust that helps boost employee morale. They can also help increase customer traffic by allowing customers to see what products are inside while being protected from the elements outside.

SPH Canada offers a variety of demountable and moveable glass partition systems that can be configured to fit unique commercial spaces. These glass dividers allow natural light to flow throughout the space and provide transparency that encourages communication and collaboration among employees.

Frameless glass wall systems like Modernfold’s SL70 add new openness to a room while providing sound separation through an innovative blend of aluminum and glass. Full framing at the floor, ceiling, and walls dampen noise transmission and add structural definition without impeding sight lines. The system is available in a wide range of finishes to match the aesthetics of any environment.


The ambiance of your restaurant is important to keeping customers coming back and creating unique wall partitions can help. They can create separate spaces for parties, provide privacy while still maintaining an open concept and add visual interest.

Even if your restaurant is small in size, a designated private area adds a feeling of luxury to your customer’s experience. You can use unique walls, glass doors and even fabric to create this feeling of exclusivity for your customers.

One example of a custom restaurant glass wall is a parametric one we created with curves like a ramen noodle as an abstract nod to the client’s passion and belief in high-quality ingredients at Clever Ramen in Scottsdale, Arizona. From the outside, you can see distorted shapes and hazy movement while diners are able to enjoy their meal in a beautiful space that feels like a secret hideaway. Our movable glass room dividers are ideal for restaurants because they can be reconfigured as needed.


Hospitality spaces can be challenging to design, because guests demand both luxury and home-like comfort. Frameless glass walls are one of the best ways to achieve this look and feel. Adding LED edge lit etched glass or LumaWall backlit printed glass creates a mesmerizing centerpiece in any hospitality space.

Opening glass walls are an ideal solution to connect hotel lobbies, dining areas and guest rooms with the outdoors. This promotes direct and visual connections with beautiful landscaping, outdoor entertainment spaces and fresh air to enhance health and wellness.

Guests can also choose to make their private bathroom glass transparent through an app on the in-room tablet or by voice control for additional privacy. Switchable glass is also ideal for hotel spa enclosures and pool areas that need to be visually accessible to other hotel guests without compromising on privacy. This is especially popular during the coronavirus pandemic, when hotels were able to connect their customers with natural elements to support health and recovery.