Learn About What CCTV Camera System You Should Buy

Nowadays, due to an increase in the crime rate and also various anti-social activities, the security of the home is very important and cannot be negotiated at all. Security cameras can always come to the rescue and can make us feel safer as we know that we can monitor and if anything ever goes wrong, we will have hard evidence with us as a backup.

The following are a few CCTV cameras used by jacksonville alarm systems installation company:

  1. Dome camera

This is the basic variety of security cameras made for indoor system. It got its name due to its dome shape.

  1. Bullet type cameras

These types of cameras are meant for capturing certain specific areas, fixed to any specific place, and can work better as a home security camera.

  1. C-mount camera

The C-mount cameras have a detachable lens, which will allow users to change it as per their needs.

  1. Varifocal cameras

You can use these cameras for allowing zooming in or out without making any compromise in the focus on the image.

  1. Day/night CCTV camera

Such day/night CCTV cameras have got the advantage of operating under any type of environment, from either normal to poorly-lit.

  1. Night vision or Infrared CCTV camera

Such infrared/night-vision CCTV cameras can see through any pitch-black conditions by using infrared LEDs.

  1. Wireless cameras

These types of cameras may/may not be internet-connected. Wireless CCTV cameras are not all IP-based. Alternative wireless transmission mechanisms are available for some wireless cameras.